Act 2 Earn fashion tech

Fashion technology serves as an additional vehicle to represent holders’ values and evangelize causes.

NFC tags within the garments digitally connect to Advocacy Campaigns within the Action Center and adopt Act 2 Earn engagement rewards.

With Act 2 Earn fashion, not only can you support the cause, you can evangelize it to the people around you while wearing the garments by having others scan the chip and take action.

You earn the rewards for all of the viral engagements sourced to your apparel!  
Promote social advocacy in what you wear & earn exclusive brand assets.

Each month a new Meta Betties Persona will be exhibited, as a digital art collectible and physical fashion line, conceptually aligned with the month’s social issue of focus.  

Exhibits will be held with the organizations who speak about our aligned mission, while orchestrated digital, physical and performance art will thematically raise awareness and mobilize real-time advocacy from visitors in the gallery.