Meta Betties is a multidisciplinary collective that uses art, fashion, events + the blockchain as a catalyst for social change.

An on-chain, concept art collectible as a time-capsuled record of cultural expression as real-world events unfold.

A fashion technology collectible that connects the physical to on-chain advocacy and rewards.

Meta Betties is the Artist in Residency for 2024 at The Canvas 3.0 Gallery in The Oculus at The World Trade Center NYC.  Our concept space blends digital, physical and performance art to drive orchestrated, thematic experiences.

The gallery serves as a launchpad for digital creation, and a home for our collective of artists and social advocates.

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Digital Art Collectible

For Meta Betties holders, their collectibles function as an on-chain symbol of their social awareness and representation of values

They also unlock access to the Meta Betties Action Center - a platform of aggregated, activism-based tools that make it easy to find information and take action by connecting directly to Congress.

Through our Act 2 Earn engagement and rewards model, holders unlock exclusive brand assets and benefits by participating in a mission to promote social justice and equality.

Fashion tech collectible

Fashion technology serves as an additional vehicle to represent holders’ values and evangelize causes.  

NFC tags within the garments digitally connect to Advocacy Campaigns within the Action Center and adopt Act 2 Earn engagement rewards.  The garment owner earns the rewards for all of the viral engagements sourced to their apparel!  

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We are looking for Interns in the area of Dance, Content Production, Web3 Devs, Community and Social Media Management.  Join the collective and our space exchange program in the gallery.

We also encourage fellow artists & builders to reach out for creative collab and experimentation opportunities

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