‍A time-capsuled collectible of social and cultural development
Putting a spotlight on the issues that drive us


About Meta Betties Art Collective

Meta Betties is a concept art collectible that serves as a running social commentary on current events and cultural conflicts. 

Inspired by classic pin-up girls of 1940s America, Meta Betties are reborn as modern evangelists that call attention to social issues and injustices through iconic symbolism and message.

The satirical art is provocative and chaotic.  Minted on Ethereum, each piece is a time-stamped expression of the times and a measurement of social progress as real-world events unfold.  The IRL subject matter feeds the project endlessly from year-to-year across vintages within the franchise.  Collectors can invest, trade and act on the issues that drive the culture forward, or backwards. The Brand is pioneering new models for using art + the blockchain as a catalyst for social change.

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art collectible overview

The Meta Betties collectible franchise consists of Art and Fashion pieces across distinct Personas that align with critical social challenges. Each Persona utilizes a unique set of traits corresponding to a present mood, current event or cultural conflict.

We're pioneering new models for mobilizing art and Web3 as catalysts for social change. Through our Act 2 Earn engagement and rewards framework, holders can unlock exclusive brand assets and benefits by participating in our mission to promote social justice and equality.

Our organized, group objectives and gamification of mission represents the essence of community and drives positive social impact.

“Doing Well while doing Good” is the essence of Meta Betties Act 2 Earn

Holders unlock access to the token-gated Meta Betties Action Center - a portal of digital advocacy tools that makes it easy to find information and take action across a full set of causes.
Participate in Advocacy Campaigns where you send templated messages directly to your representatives.

Meta Betties are your ticket to social change through art.


The Meta Betties collectible franchise consists of Art and Fashion pieces across the 16 Personas listed below. Each Persona utilizes a unique set of traits that correspond to a present mood, current event or cultural conflict.  Through the symbolism + messaging within each Persona, Meta Betties seeks to raise awareness, stimulate dialogue and inspire action.

Each mint will donate a percentage of sale to cause-based organizations that align with each Persona's mission. Minting an Art piece from ANY Persona grants access to the Action Center, Act2Earn platform, Apparel lines, and IRL Events. Minting an Art piece from a specific Persona grants an immediate 25% discount towards all Fashion pieces within the same Persona. The more pieces you collect and engage in the Action Center, the greater the rewards and benefits!

Classic 👠
Education 📚
Environment 🌎
Equality 🤝
Gun Control 🔫
Health Care 🩺
It’s All Play 🎈
Political Reform 🎭
Religion 👺
Reproductive Rights 🚺
Secret Friend 🦢
Sex Work 💵
Space Exploration 🪐
Web3 / Crypto 🔐
Weed 🍁
Womxns’ Rights ⚖️


Cyborg BettIE - Co-founder: Art & Mission
Interdisciplinary creator using art and the blockchain as a catalyst for social change. I challenge the tolerance of forced biological system alterations that women and planet are too familiar with.  I am commodity. 
CULT3Y - Co-founder. Strategy & Ops
Ex-Salesforce solutions architect. In search of galaxies and mayhem. Deliver me from Reasons Why.

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