Meta Betties is the Artist in Residency for 2024 at The Canvas 3.0 Gallery in The Oculus at the World Trade Center NYC.  Our concept space blends digital, physical and performance art to drive orchestrated, thematic experiences.

Having this platform, at this symbolic location, in this pivotal moment in our cultural times, is both incredibly humbling and inspiring. It feels like there is no better place than this, and no better time than now, to pioneer a new use case for crypto art; to mobilize community action in the name of social advancement.

Inspired by classic pin-up girls of war-time 1940s America, Meta Betties are reborn as modern evangelists that call attention to social issues and injustices.  

Meta Betties’ appearance is a socially experimental, artistic choice that challenges viewers to confront their biases and absorb the substance of her critical message over the superficiality of her physicality.

The collection celebrates and empowers the female form, rebels against objectification, and challenges societal expectations placed on women.

Each month a new Meta Betties Persona will be exhibited, as a digital art collectible and physical fashion line, conceptually aligned with the month’s social issue of focus.  

Exhibits will be held with the organizations who speak about our aligned mission, while orchestrated digital, physical and performance art will thematically raise awareness and mobilize real-time advocacy from visitors in the gallery.

About the artist

Blakelee Pieroni holds a dance media degree from Marymount Manhattan, complemented by training in oil painting and Sound Design. Integrating these mediums, she has shaped a unique artistic practice showcased in NYC over the past decade. Recognized for choreography, painting, and digital performance art, her work has garnered attention in publications like Time Out, Creatrix, Up Mag, Blockster, SuperChief, and ChaShaMa. In 2023, Pieroni curated “m OTHER,” a group exhibition for stepmothers, evolving into a documentary premiering at the 25th Through Women’s Eyes Film Festival in March 2024. Invited to perform at Art Basel Miami, she presented “Labor of Materiality,” encouraging audience engagement through a chipped egg that scanned to a petition for the Women’s Protection Act of 2023 advocating reproductive freedom.

Currently in residency at The Canvas 3.0 in The Shops at the Oculus in Westfield World Trade Center, she utilizes “Meta Betties,” her concept art collectible minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, to pave the way for digital activism. Pieroni plans to curate exhibitions in the space to creatives of all mediums exploring tech’s intersection with movement, human behavior, and fashion.
Instagram: @blakelee_mover


Cyborg BettIE - Co-founder: Art & Mission
Interdisciplinary creator using art and the blockchain as a catalyst for social change. I challenge the tolerance of forced biological system alterations that women and planet are too familiar with.  I am commodity. 
CULT3Y - Co-founder. Strategy & Ops
Ex-Salesforce solutions architect. In search of galaxies and mayhem. Deliver me from Reasons Why.